Spotify Promotion

Spotify promotion is one of our best services for indie artists who are looking to grow a large fanbase quickly.

In 2018, radio is no longer the king, Spotify is. Millions of music enthusiasts turn to streaming apps like Spotify to find the music they love and to look for new music.

We have a perfect proprietary formula for getting you heard by millions.

All Spotify streams are legitimate and monetizable which means you get paid royalties.


Latest Spotify Campaigns

Zhu & Krista Richards
Over 1,000,000 Streams
Jaki Nelson “Uh Oh”
250,000 streams
Urbano¬†“Are You”
158,000 streams
Zia “The Cool”
126,000 streams
Scotty Boy & Lizzie Curious “You’re Not Alone”
81,000 streams
Gino Caporale “Love Somebody”
110,000 streams