HeadHunter Promotions

Custom Campaigns

We can combine any of the following options for a custom campaign:

Billboard and Music Week
We walk your song to the front of the line and get it into the hands of a panel of over 140 Billboard Reporting DJs to reach our goal of Top 50. Our production team creates up to 5 separate remixes of your song (covering all the bases and takes of the Billboard panelists). We use our discretion to employ well established & relevant Billboard charting Remixers)
An added bonus: The client will own these remixes 100% as they are a work-for-hire included in the total campaign fee.

Dj Pools

Your music will be serviced to 10 of the biggest and best digital music pools in the US and abroad.
This is where the thousands of DJs go to get their new music and yours will be available for them to add to their playlists!

Remix Promo Service

We work your song and all of its accompanying remixes, which we have created for you by A-List industry producers who are part of the HeadHunter Team, directly to the 140 + official Billboard DJ Panelists. We take your original song and turn it into something that is current and playable by DJs worldwide.

Public Relations
We spread the word worldwide about your music, quickly.

We have an in-house PR team that gets your music out to approximately 75 online music publications which in turn brings great awareness to your new project.

Marketing and Social Media
We help get you more fans and followers

Our marketing team spreads the word through all major social networks about you, your music and your brand through all the major networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc).


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