Zeke Elliott – New Infectious Rap Single By Wario Slim

Zeke Elliott, the new single by brilliant up and coming comedic rapper Wario Slim is a twist on the modern day wanna be suburban rapper and bedroom superstar.

Wario aims to make light and bring justice to the football star’s (of the song’s title) antics and fashion choices including the infamous crop top jersey.

Wario feeds off of every suburban kid’s desire to be a baller and a hip hop legend (in their own mind) with this fun, catchy tune produced by multi-platinum producer Mr. Mig (www.MaxxBeats.com).

The song’s production and songwriting are legit with a down south trap feel but also provides a Weird Al Yankovic type of comedic twist so sit back by the pool with some Mike’s Hard Lemonade and try NOT to sing this chorus over and over.

Watch The Video!

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