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Nikki Exotika “Young Wild and Free” hits #1 at Kings of Spins Music Pool.

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We are proud and happy for our client Nikki Exotika and her song “Young, Wild n Free” for being the #1 song today on Kings of Spins Music Pool!

The Mr. Mig and Gino Caporale remix of Young Wild n Free is #1 on the Top 20 Dance chart.

1.Listen to the Mr. Mig and Gino Caporale Remix

2.Watch The Video For Young Wild and Free Here

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About Nikki Exotika:

  • Nicole Sanders aka Nikki Exotika was born in NYC and raised by the jersey shore, nikki was never the popular kid, always teased,bullied,and picked on everyday when she went to school , she wanted to focus all her frustration into music & acting .Nikki has been singing since the age of 10, always in the choir ,talent shows,and school plays, when she graduated she took singing courses at NYC’s New School University along with Acting for Film/TV and Sound Engineering/Producing Music w/ Pro Tools,
    She took 14 years of dance classes at Broadway Dance Center training in jazz,street jazz,and hip-hop.
    Her biggest inspirations have been Madonna,Britney,Gaga,PCD and J.LO , she used to impersonate Britney & Lady Gaga but now, she is recording and performing her own music, Nikki is now an official recording artist!
    she loves electro-pop-house beats, she is currently working with the very talented Ashley Breathe,which was the producer & songwriter, for “Electric Touch” and “Manwhore”, Nikki has chosen a few more demo unreleased songs to record from ashley breathe in the near future,”OD” “Giddy UP” “Barbie Pussy” and “Cobwebbed Heart”
    Nikki wrote, “Secret Girl” which will be released early 2012 and “Fantasy” which is her 1st ballad pop song she wrote 7 years ago about a break-up with a bf, Nikki has also Co-wrote a new single about haters called ,”Keep on Talkin” feat.Sarah Mascara , a very talented rap artist from CT, this will be Nikki’s 1st hip hop type of a song with her actually rapping ,the song is HOT & sounds very Ke$ha & Nikki Minaj…
    She is very excited to wrap up the rest of her songs so she can gain a bigger fan base around the world, her main target is obviously EVERYONE that loves her music, but will focus on the LGBT community internationally with her 1st album and hopefully gain the attention of record labels, to potentially get a deal in the near future.
    Nikki is a beautiful & talented new artist and yes although she is transgender, she does not want that to be a hinderance in climbing to the top of the charts, there is alot of ignorance in the world , but she’s here to show everyone that it doesn’t matter how you were born , ” we are who we are, embrace it , understand it , and deal with it , we are unique ” She has no shame to who she is and loves being open & honest about her gender,she sees it like this ” at the end of the day you cant hide from it , someone is always gonna notice you somewhere somehow, so to keep up with the lie,and then to be “outed” or “spooked” as some might say ,its just too much to handle on the mind, So just be YOU and people will actually respect you more for being REAL ” which has actually gotten alot of positive feedback from people and especially transgenders/transsexuals from around the globe looking up to her for advice and see her as a positive role model in the lgbt community. Nikki is trying her hardest in getting her foot in the door into the mainstream world of music, although she has been snubbed before by labels and doors have closed because of the way she was born, one thing is for sure
    Nikki is not giving up anytime soon!
    If you love Rupaul,Amanda Lepore,Lady Gaga,Britney,Madonna,Ashley Breathe,Jeffre star,PCD
    then you will love Nikki Exotika


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